About me


Geert VeneklaasYou won’t find a full biography here.
But for those who are interested,┬áhere’s a few things about me:

- I am trained as a music teacher but have never taught
- I am a musician without a band
- I did play in a band though.
- I publish music on ccMixter
- I work at the Marcom-department of HAN, where I support multiple weblogs and a webapplication
- I’m interested in social media and online marketing
- I work a lot with WordPress and I love Twitter
- I use Cubase on an iMac
- I always go to bed too late
- I occasionaly compose a bit of music commercialy
- I am a nice guy
- I recently composed the soundtrack for a crowdsourced film
- I am never bored
- I just initiated ‘tensongs’
- I think I said enough about myself
- I hope you will participate in this project