This project contains work from (in alphabetical order):

0Salome0 (created a video using ‘Feel it burning‘)
Anchor Méjans
(narrator of the ‘Suitcase’ poem, creator of the ‘Suitcase‘ video)
Anita Luchies (photos for ‘Que Pena/Tanto Faz‘, ‘Feel it burning‘ and ‘Polaroid Lucid Dream
Annet de Graaf (photo for ‘Polaroid Lucid Dream‘)
Audiotechnica (provided a sample used in ‘Suitcase‘)
Bastiaan Koot (photo for ‘Polaroid Lucid Dream‘)
Brad Sucks (composer and singer of ‘Out of it‘)
Christina Courtin (singer of ‘Sooner or Later‘)
Dick Vestdijk (created a video using ‘I am a stone‘)
Diederik Vrijhoef (photo for ‘Feel it burning‘)
Ella Tamir & Oz Yerushalmi (created an animated video using ‘Polaroid Lucid Dream‘)
Emily Jane Carmen
(wrote the poem ‘Suitcase‘)
Geert Veneklaas (arrangements, production, initiator of
Guido Crolla (photo for ‘Sooner or later‘)
Gurdonark (provided a sample used in ‘The ground is on fire‘)
Henri van de Kraats (photo for ‘Polaroid Lucid Dream‘)
Innabar (provided a sample used in ‘Suitcase‘)
Isaac Madsen (created a video using ‘Suitcase‘)
Jovadre (made the photos that were used in the video for ‘Around Dusk‘)
Justine van den Berg (created a video using ‘Blue Boy‘)
Kaer Trouz (composer and singer of ‘I am a stone‘)
Koen Miseur (photo for ‘The ground is on fire‘)
Kristin Hersh (composer and singer of ‘Around Dusk‘ and ‘The ground is on fire‘)
Loreleila (created a video using ‘Polaroid Lucid Dream‘)
Marco Derksen (made a photo for ‘Around Dusk‘)
Neurowaxx (composer and singer of ‘Polaroid Lucid Dream‘)
Panu Moon (composer and singer of ‘Blue Boy‘)
Paul de Bruijn (provided a photo for ‘Polaroid Lucid Dream‘)
Peter Bloemendaal (made remixes for ‘Blue Boy‘ and ‘Around Dusk‘ and a video for ‘Around Dusk‘)
René Wouters (photos for ‘Blue Boy‘, ‘I am a stone‘, ‘The ground is on fire‘ and ‘Polaroid Lucid Dream‘)
Robbie Veldwijk (created a video using ‘Around Dusk‘)
(composer and singer of ‘Feel it burning‘)
Studio Haen (provided a remix of ‘Feel it burning‘)
Tamy (composer and singer of ‘Que Pena / Tanto Faz‘)
Trifonic (composers of ‘Sooner or Later‘, provided a sample used in ‘The ground is on fire‘)

I would also like to thank (in no specific order):

Bart Nijman (text-review)
Marina Veereschild, Kees KnegjesCharles van LieshoutPaul de Bruijn (concept- & site-review)