So you wanna participate? Great! There’s only a few guidelines:

Photo or illustration
-       Post a photo on
-       Mail me the url and mention to which song it belongs
-       Or send me the photo by mail

-       Download a song (you can find a download link on every song page)
-       Upload your video (with the song in it) to YouTube or Vimeo
-       Mention the original audio source (It’s easy, look here)
-       Send me the url

Other contributions
-       Create something (like a review or a remix) and send it to me by mail
-       Please use .doc for text, .jpg for images, .mp3 for audio

-       Sending me your creation means that you give me permission to use it on this website
-       I’d prefer if your creation is Creative Commons licensed (BY-NC 3.0)
-       Please tell me your name and website (if you like) so I can credit you and link back to you

Thanks for contributing!