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Poem written by Emily Jane Carmen and narrated by Anchor Méjans Percussion by audiotechnica Singing by innabar Strings and editing by Geert Veneklaas (rightclick to download)

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 'It's all the same to me'

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video by Anchor Méjans

video by Isaac Madsen

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I live from myself like a suitcase,
withdrawing my accessories each day.
When I was younger I used to be less careful:
I’d swing from rope to rope, a regular at the circus;
I didn’t mind the stumbles,
without a net, the ride was more exciting.

The crowd would howl with glee
to watch me lose my grip,
then I would somersault backwards,
into the arms of Death, but he would never catch me.

I’d get up and pack myself back into my vinyl case,
all ten thousand of me; no one ever understood,
but my tiny house still stirred with voices.

I am the center of the earth,
a seed thrust downward into the dark.
Tomorrow, I’ll be a rusty branch, or
a filament of string woven into some Love bird’s nest.
It’s all the same to me