The idea


Making remixes for since early 2008, I recently felt the urge to look back at what I had been up to these two years. A moment of self reflection that resulted in a list of my own favourites. A list of ten songs. Ten songs to fill an album with.

The idea of releasing an (online) album kept me busy for a while, trying to answer questions like “why” and “how”. However, in the process I found out that simply publishing a downloadable album didn’t seem the right thing to do.

The thing is, I’m not a songwriter myself. Other people wrote these songs, sang them and uploaded their vocals to, where I picked them up and made music around them from scratch. That makes me a remixer, or an arranger or producer if you like. I’m just part of a co-creation process, especially when someone else uses the result as a soundtrack for a video, which happens now and then. And exactly that – finding out that others reuse my music- is what makes me happy. In realizing that, the tensongs project was born.  A presentation of my music as a start, rather than an end.

I told you something about the birth of tensongs, now it’s up to you to raise it. Please feed this project with your contributions; a photo, video, review, comment or anything else. I’d be grateful!

Geert Veneklaas (June 2nd, 2010)